Hi please take a chance to download my CV!

Hi feel free to download my C.V.

Nathan Lee CV 11-11-2015

A little bit about myself:

Dermatopathology: I am currently the dermpath fellow at UAMS (University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Little Rock, Arkansas).

Teaching / Education: I have enjoyed the multiple opportunities to teach at Methodist and at UAMS, have held bimonthly didactic sessions (10 unknowns per session), and am responsible for all weekly and bimonthly grand rounds conferences and tumor board conferences, respectively.

I co-created a website for viewing teaching cases as whole-slide images.  Please feel free to see examples on www.recutclub.com. Our site has one of the largest collections of dermatopathology and general pathology cases. We will reach around 1500 cases within the next few months. All of these cases have been carefully curated and include contributions from Houston Methodist Hospital Pathology, UTMB Dermatopathology, UAMS Dermatopathology, and UAMS Soft Tissue Departments.
Transplant pathology: I have been a co-author in a few chapters on lung pathology, including lung transplant pathology and pulmonary Histoplasmosis.

QA: Currently, I have set up a web-based electronic error reporting system that is easy to use. This has replaced the outside dermatology lab paper reporting form and might be implemented system-wide in the UAMS surgical pathology system. You can also refer to my C.V. for the full list of QA experiences.

Digital pathology: As a PGYIV, I co-developed a low-cost virtual slide viewing education suite, cataloging approximately 1,000 virtual teaching slides for resident education. Through this experience I have had the opportunity to learn the importance of automating and streamlining the slide digitization workflow and have been in talks with industry leaders to incorporate whole slide imaging (WSI) for clinical practice at UAMS.